Tuesday, April 28, 2015

MassBudget: New Report: The Right Size for Learning


The Right Size for Learning:
Class Sizes in Massachusetts  
Children have a better chance to succeed in school when they receive individualized support and attention. Smaller class sizes are one way to help our teachers meet the needs of each child. In The Right Size for Learning, MassBudget examines the evidence on how class size reductions can improve outcomes and expand opportunity for all of our children, particularly those who face the greatest obstacles.

The evidence shows that reducing class sizes, particularly in early grades, can improve student engagement, academic achievement and college readiness--but only if it is done right. Examining successful programs in Tennessee and Wisconsin we see clear lessons. Class size reduction efforts work well when they are:
  • Targeted for students in the early grades.
  • Combined with other effective school practices, such as strong teacher professional development.
While well-designed programs have shown positive results, a major initiative in California was far less effective. That case provides important lessons. Funding was structured in a way that provided more help to affluent districts and actually made it harder for lower income districts to attract high quality teachers.

To read the full paper, please click HERE.

This report is part of a shared project--the Roadmap for Expanding Opportunity: Evidence on What Works in Education--led by MassBudget and the Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy. The project is composed of a series of reports that identify evidence-based strategies for supporting all children in achieving college, career, and life success.

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