Tuesday, April 21, 2015

AARP Livability Index - leaves out Franklin

Given Franklin's demographics (forecasted to be getting to an older population rapidly), the AARP article caught my eye.
To compile AARP’s new lists of the most livable places in the U.S., it wasn’t only our research that counted—it was also your opinions. The top-10 lists that follow are based on the AARP Livability Index, a new online tool designed to help communities better serve the nation’s aging population. 
To create the index, the AARP Public Policy Institute surveyed 4,500 Americans 50 and older to determine the aspects of community most important to them. We then developed seven categories around those results—housing, neighborhood, transportation, environment, health, engagement and opportunity, taking into account 60 different factors to rate communities in those categories. 
The Bulletin crunched the numbers some more to find which cities and neighborhoods come out on top. We weren’t looking for the trendy or glitzy. We wanted the most livable. You might be in for some surprises.

One surprise is that Franklin gets only a middling score on their rating system.

Check out their Most Livable Cities

Check out their Best Cities for Staying Healthy

And where does Franklin rate?
If you’re like most of us, you probably want to stay in the community where you live now. The AARP Livability Index identifies how well your community is doing. Go to aarp.org/livabilityindex to find out.
AARP Livability Index

The interactive system should allow you to chose up to three communities to compare. Maybe there were too many comparing when I did it, it did not respond. Trying again should be worth it. 

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