Sunday, April 19, 2015

Three things from the Pantherbook

1 - Jazz Band

On Wednesday, April 15, several FHS jazz music groups performed in the FHS auditorium, including the Jazz Workshop, Jazz Combo, and Jazz Band.  
Here is one excerpt from the concert of the Jazz Band performing the famous Duke Ellington song “Cotton Club Stomp” as directed by Ms. Rudsit. 

2 - TV Production Club

Have you ever wanted to see yourself on the morning news or just want to hone your production skills? 
Either way, Franklin High School’s TV Production Club is the place for you. New this year to any student who has completed a semester of TV Production, Video Production or Digital Journalism, the TV Club offers you the chance to produce fun content for the morning news. 
According to Ms. Moreau, who runs the TV Club, they are working on funny commercials and PSAs ( Public Service Announcements) to make the morning news more interesting. When asked on how she would sell TV Club to an undecided student Moreau said: “It’s fun to work with other students and produce content that you care about.”
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3 - YMCA Leaders Club

What’s better than making an impact with your best friends? That’s what the YMCA Leaders club is all about. 
YMCA Leaders Club
YMCA Leaders Club
The Leaders club is a great way to get community service hours because members are required to get at least six hours a month, but it is also a great place to make friends and build lifelong relationships. 
One of the advisors of this club, Nate Packert, said: “We give back to the community through volunteering our services where needed. We are a group of thoughtful committed people who are trying to make a change for the world around us.”
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