Monday, April 20, 2015

Should MA lead or follow?

From the Mass Climate Action Network we share this episode of The Climate Minute
New Governor Charley Baker’s Executive Order 562 would substitute weak federal environmental standards for the existing superior state regulations here in Massachusetts. Based on overheated rhetoric claiming that state regulations are “confusing, unnecessary, inconsistent and redundant” the governor orders “each secretariat, agency, department, board, commission, authority or other body”… “to promptly undertake a review of each and every regulation” and retain only those which do “not exceed federal requirements.” 
The rule means that any Massachusetts environmental regulations stronger than their Federal counterparts will be dropped, and the weaker Federal ones will be used. Our state is a national leader in many areas, including the fight against carbon pollution and global warming. The regulations that embody that leadership are now at risk. If we rely on the Federal regulations, Massachusetts’ environmental policy will be set by the likes of Senator Ted Cruz. Think that is a good idea? There is more. Listen in.

Mass Climate Action Network
Mass Climate Action Network

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