Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Community Coalition - Formation Meeting Agenda - June 30, 2015

The agenda for the meeting Tuesday, June 30 at 7:00 PM at the auditorium in Franklin High School

I. Welcome and introductions – Jeff Roy

II. Speakers (3-5 minutes each)
A. Mike Morrissey, Norfolk District Attorney
B. Robin Chapell, Walpole, www.drugfreewalpole.com
C. Jeffrey Hopkins M.D., Emergency medicine perspective
D. Amy Leone, Community Impact and JAG Coalition, Milford
E. Ed Hurley, Hockmock YMCA President
F. Jennifer Knight, Franklin family support group
G. Matt Dowling, recovered addict
H. Roy Scipion, Pharmacist at CVS Franklin
I. Reinhard Straub, American Addiction Centers
J. Maureen Sabolinski, Franklin Superintendent of Schools
K. Robert Dellorco, Franklin Town Councilor & Coach
L. Steve Semerjean, Franklin Police Chief
M. Robert Donovan, Franklin Fire Department
III. Mission, objectives, organization
A. “Saving lives by empowering individuals and communities to prevent
and eradicate addiction.” Or other suggestions.
B. Coalition name
1. Franklin Against Drugs (FAD)
2. Franklin Against Opioids
3. Other suggestions
C. Organization of group

IV. Ideas for future
A. Fed Up Rally (http://feduprally.org)
B. Development of website with resources
C. Speaker series
D. Other ideas
E. Next meeting

use the community entrance at FHS to get to the auditorium
use the community entrance at FHS to get to the auditorium

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