Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In the News: social media renews case work, Community Coalition meeting

Thirty-five years later, the homicide investigation remains open, with detectives from Bellingham, Franklin and the State Police continuing to develop sources and pursue leads. 
The departments are using social media to stir up new information about the murder. 
“It is believed that those involved are still out there,” Bellingham and Franklin police said in a joint statement. “Someone knows just what happened to Theresa. Whatever the circumstances were or may have been, Theresa should not have perished in such a cruel and careless manner.” 
In an interview with the Daily News last week, Franklin Police Chief Stephan Semerjian said the departments have an obligation to “keep the fire going.”
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A community coalition on opioid abuse will meet with the public for the first time Tuesday night to introduce its mission and provide insight from experts on the statewide epidemic. 
State Rep. Jeffrey Roy, D-Franklin, will host the 7 p.m. session in the Franklin High School auditorium. In bringing together doctors, drug counselors, educators, police officials and town leaders, the coalition members hope to establish a local support network for residents struggling with addiction. 
“We are expecting a large group at the meeting, and we have arranged for a number of speakers to address topics surrounding opioid abuse and ways that the coalition can help curb this epidemic,” Roy said in an email update Monday.
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