Thursday, October 8, 2015

MassBudget: Supports That Help Vulnerable Children and Families Thrive

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Services That Help Vulnerable Children and Families Thrive 
The goals of our child protective services are to help families and to make sure that children are safe and receive the supports they need to thrive. MassBudget's new report, Funding Opportunities: Services that Help Prevent Kids in the Child Welfare System from Entering the Juvenile Justice System, examines funding levels for our state programs that strengthen families and help prevent negative outcomes for children. 

These services include family support and stabilization efforts, supports for children in foster care, family resource centers that help connect families with supports in the community, mental health services, and social workers who help families and children in crisis. While Massachusetts is making efforts to provide the resources necessary to make sure all of our vulnerable children receive the supports they need to succeed, there have been significant shortfalls historically with social workers handling caseloads substantially higher than national experts recommend.

This report is part of MassBudget's KIDS COUNT project. It is being released with a companion report from Citizens for Juvenile Justice (a member of the KIDS COUNT Advisory Council): Missed Opportunities: Preventing youth in the child welfare system from entering the juvenile justice system. This report documents a troubling pattern of young people who have been served by our child welfare system ultimately becoming involved in the juvenile justice system. It also offers best practices for supporting positive youth development throughout our child welfare system.

To read MassBudget's report, please click HERE.

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