Monday, October 5, 2015

Reporting by Walking Around: Pond St Tour (audio)

Saturday was a rainy day so on my walk I decided to explore the former sewer treatment plant on Pond St here in Franklin. The property is not as flat as one might think. There are some significant drop offs as the land rolls out to the wetlands along i495.

Clearly, I may have been the most recent visitor but have not been the only one. Evidence of dirt bikes wheeling through the trails and along the dirt roadway is in abundance. There is also a section of the woods where some banners and other tape marks off the path for corners as if there had been a race of some sort once upon a time.

Here is a brief audio recording while I was in the middle of the property admiring some stone walls. 

Check out the Flickr slideshow of the key photos of what I saw on the walk.

Pond St Tour

What remains of the sewer treatment plant?

Not much. There are concrete sewer pipes in a pile here, some wells for checking the water quality here and there. The one significant piece I did find was the remains of the circular aeration tank.

circular shape of the familiar aeration tank
circular shape of the familiar aeration tank

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