Tuesday, November 24, 2015

“These changes are not minor inconveniences, particularly when it’s rush hour”

"Remember those new commuter rail schedules that were supposed to cut down on delayed trains? 
They’re being delayed."
That is what the Boston Globe wrote at the beginning of November. Well, the schedules for the commuter lines out of South Station are now scheduled for release in the spring.

The new schedules for the trains out of North Station came out last week and has caused some conversations as reported by the Boston Globe:

“Just call an apple an apple,” said Ellen P. Connolly, a Haverhill line rider. “Don’t tell me you’re doing schedule changes when you’re doing a schedule cut.” 
The future schedules, set to go into effect Dec. 14, have already prompted lawmakers to send a letter to the MBTA and Keolis about their concerns for the Haverhill and Lowell lines, which will have fewer trains scheduled. 
Overall, the MBTA’s commuter rail will operate two fewer trains in and out of North Station daily under the new schedules, according to Corey Lynch, deputy director of railroad operations at the MBTA."
You can read the full article here

MBTA train leaving Franklin/Dean Station headed to Forge Park
MBTA train leaving Franklin/Dean Station headed to Forge Park

What changes would you make to the Franklin Line schedule?

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