Thursday, December 17, 2015

Did you get your water meter replaced yet?

We had ours replaced earlier this year and it was quick and easy. The post card arrived, we made the appointment, they arrived as scheduled and 15 minutes later were out the door.

"The Franklin Water Department has initiated a water meter replacement program. The installations will be done by a private contractor called USI Services. Please keep an eye out for a postcard from Thielsch Engineering/USI. The program will start with residents who have the oldest meters, so not all residents will receive a postcard. 
If you do receive a post card, please follow the instructions on the card and set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. To set up an appointment please call the number on the card NOT the DPW office. All installers will have uniforms, photo ID badges, and will be driving clearly marked vehicles.

**Some customers recently received their first notice letter but they say second notice. We apologize for the confusion, but please respond to the card at your earliest convenience!** 
If you have any questions, please contact the DPW at 508-520-4910."
DPW webpage image
DPW webpage image

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