Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Items of notes from Social Media: heroin epidemic, Every Student Succeeds Act, speed trap on Daniels St

Did you catch the piece on 60 Minutes?


From Glenn Jones
"Due to excessive speeding on Daniels St., speed traps have been requested and implemented. Thank you to our fine police force for stepping up to help slow things down. The most anyone should be doing on such a congested residential street is 25mph. Lots of children and families. Also, lots of deer. Slowing down will save your life."



President Obama called it "a Christmas miracle. A bipartisan bill signing right here."

The "right here" was the South Court Auditorium, part of the White House complex. More importantly, the bipartisan bill being signed was the Every Student Succeeds Act — a long-overdue replacement of the unpopular federal education law known as No Child Left Behind. 
The new law changes much about the federal government's role in education, largely by scaling back Washington's influence. While ESSA keeps in place the basic testing requirements of No Child Left Behind, it strips away many of the high stakes that had been attached to student scores.



From Boston.Com an article on a HBO documentary about the heroin problem on Cape Cod.
"Massachusetts has an opiate overdose rate that is double the national average. In 2014, 978 Massachusetts residents died of an overdose. Now, a look into how heroin is impacting one part of the state will soon be the center of an HBO documentary, Heroin: Cape Cod, USA. 
The 76-minute film is directed by Steve Okazaki, who won an Academy Award for his documentary, Days of Waiting: The Life & Art of Estelle Ishigo. Heroin: Cape Cod, USA will focus on the stories of eight Cape Codders who are currently dealing with addiction, all in their 20s, and all with their own story of how their addiction began."


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