Thursday, December 3, 2015

Franklin Art Association: December Newsletter

Dear Members and Friends,  
The holiday season is upon us! Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Shop! Bargains! Buy! A constant barrage of advertising to spur us on to find that perfect gift! 
In the midst of this flurry of activity, I’d like to share something that took place quietly without fanfare and reminds us all of the simple gesture of giving. It goes like this: The little girl loved the painting, she had a Peoples’ Choice ballot in her hand, and she wanted to vote for the painting that she loved. When the family was leaving, the artist brought the little girl back to the painting she loved, and took it off the wall and gave it to her. This little girl will never forget this gift from a stranger at an art show. She hugged the painting close to her so her mother wouldn’t see it, because it was going to be her mother’s birthday gift. Thank you Don Iacovelli for this act of kindness, and making one little girl very happy indeed.
Franklin Art Association
Franklin Art Association
At this past summer’s Cultural Festival, Jane Alfieri and Heather Greenwood created two very large murals, hand painting Franklin’s historical sites and other iconic scenes on the murals. Members of the public added color to the murals, filling in scenes, and adding their personal touches. It was a wonderful interactive event, carefully coordinated by Tina Guarino. In the spirit of gift giving, Tina has facilitated the gifting of these murals to the students at the Davis Thayer Elementary School as part of their “Core Values Program”. The students will add their own touches to the murals with help from some FAA members. The murals will then be hung permanently in the school, as an example of a collaborative effort between students, teachers, and the FAA. Thank you to all who shared their talents, and to Tina Guarino for making it happen! We should all feel good about this, as another example of the FAA giving back to the community. 
In this season of giving, these are two stories that make me very happy indeed! 
Warm regards, 
Sue Sheridan 

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