Sunday, November 29, 2015

Looking back to January 2015

We had some snow in the later part of January 2015 and missed a couple of days of school in what became the 'endless' winter.

  • There was much to do about the conversations overheard with the microphones turned up at the Town Council meeting on January 7th. After all was said and done, there was no apology from the Councilors involved.

Jan 7th meeting here

  • The School Committee meeting on Jan 13th was a marked and positive difference. Two FHS seniors were recognized for being in the top of their class. Dillon Scarnicki had his teammates from the FHS hockey team support him for his participation in the Special Education presentation.

School Committee - Jan 13th

  • Pond St was rezoned, Emmons St was sold.

Town Council - Jan 21st meeting here

the snow did not keep Ben from reading
the snow did not keep Ben from reading

More photos from the walk  around Franklin on Saturday, Jan 24

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