Wednesday, February 17, 2016

LiveARTS presents Cynthia Raim - Feb 21

The Detroit-born, Curtis-bred, Philadelphia-based pianist, Cynthia Raim, is no stranger to LiveARTS. Indeed, like Linda Bento-Rei, she too was an early advisor, sympathetic friend, and “encourager” supreme during LiveARTS’ beginnings and early years. 
pianist Cynthia Raim
pianist Cynthia Raim
Nor is she a stranger to the LiveARTS audience who gasp audibly with expectant pleasure whenever her name is mentioned: another close and dear friend. One of Rudolf Serkin’s most gifted students, early on she received worldwide acclaim as the winner of the coveted musicians’ musician’s Clara Haskil medal. 
Of more immediate interest to us, arising from her early career, is another win: the International Bach Competition. This year, Cynthia Raim comes back to LiveARTS--and back to Bach. LiveARTS is privileged to announce that it will present one of the first-place winners of the International Bach Competition in the rarely performed Goldberg Variations, perhaps universally acknowledged Johann Sebastian Bach’s noblest composition for keyboard. This performance is simply not to be missed.

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