Tuesday, February 16, 2016

In the News: DelCarte ecology study released, bylaw considered on alcohol training

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin

The town released the results of a study on the ponds at the DelCarte Conservation Area last week. 
The study, conducted by the Rhode Island firm ESS Group, lays out the challenges faced by the four ponds on the property and the best ways to address them. It concludes that the bodies of water do have threats to their ecological health. 
"Opportunities that are currently afforded by the pond system include fishing, canoeing, hiking and wildlife viewing," the report reads. "The system is significantly impacted by non-native aquatic plants (milfoil and water chestnut), which are reducing the ponds' capacity to provide the ecologically healthy habitat that these activities rely upon."

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The north pond at DelCarte
The north pond at DelCarte

The Town Council is considering a proposal that would require training for anyone who serves alcohol in town. 
Town officials have written a draft bylaw requiring managers, bartenders and all employees who sell or serve alcohol to undergo "safe service of alcohol" training. The town will circulate the draft among affected parties and the council is set to take up the subject at a future meeting. 
Town Councilor Andrew Bissanti had raised the matter at several council meetings, as he said the current system - in which some businesses train of their own volition - is insufficient. 
"A lot of times, bartenders and servers have no alcohol-awareness training," he said Monday. "It just made no sense to me."

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