Sunday, August 28, 2016

News and upcoming events for Charles River Meadowlands

We have two important upcoming events to mention and we would also like to continue to offer kudos to Rep. Roy, Rep. Kuros, and Rep. Fernandes for passing our $25,000 line item!

The long summer included all kinds of action on Beacon Hill. First, the effort to get the line item through both chambers and then, the equally difficult effort to restore it to the budget after Governor Baker removed it. Our friends in the House managed it all!

At present, Franklin Town Manager Jeff Nutting is working with the Department of Fish and Game to try to move forward and ensure that the money is used appropriately.

Locally, we have spent much time meeting (back in July) and planning for our Charles River Meadowlands Workshop, scheduled for Sept. 27 at 6 pm at the First Universalist Society, 262 Chestnut St, Franklin, MA 02038. (Thanks to Sue Bencuya for helping with that!). 

The event will include a brief intro and overview for those new to "the Meadowlands" and will then have some presentations about how other similar efforts have been organized in the past. Then we are looking to tap into the "wisdom of the crowd" by engaging everyone present in a lively conversation about what and where to focus, how to move ahead, etc. Please come and bring a friend!

We also have a meeting schedule for Aug. 30, 6:30 pm at the Arcand room of the Bellingham Town Hall. This will mostly focus on planning for the September 27 event. But, as always, everyone is welcome and we are anxious to hear from you.

Finally, kudos for Marjorie Turner Holman, who has helped us get some good visibility in local media, including the Milford Daily News!

Keep in touch. Alan Earls can be reached at 508 528 6930 or via email at and our Website is updated from time to time, as well:​
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