Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fiddling Thomsons at 2016 Franklin Cultural Festival (video)

Turning back time (or #TBT) to that Thursday evening when the folks in Franklin were treated to some cool left handed fiddling. 

The Fiddling Thomsons, a father son duo, performed on the step of the Franklin Historical Museum as part of the 2nd Annual Franklin Cultural Festival.
Ryan and Brennish Thomson are an award winning father and son duo who will be performing lively tunes on a variety of old time instruments of historical nature. Together they play twin fiddles, wooden spoons, jaw harp, cajon box, drum, rhythm bones, mandolin,banjo, accordion, flute, foot percussion, penny whistle, to name a few! The duo will entertain with their large repertoire of fun and lively tunes and will be available to answer questions from the audience regarding the folk instruments they play.

More information on the duo can be found on their website,

FiddlingThomsons at 2016 Franklin Cultural Festival
Fiddling Thomsons at 2016 Franklin Cultural Festival

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