Monday, September 19, 2016

School Committee - recap Sep 13

The meeting summary for School Committee meeting Tuesday, Sep 13 is as follows:

The superintendent search proposal from MASC was heard. This was the final of the three search firms scheduled. The explanation for missing the original meeting in August was that the appointment was entered in the calendar on his mobile device for 2017.

MASC Superintendent Search - Jim Hardy
MASC Superintendent Search - Jim Hardy 

After listening to the presentation and getting clarifications on multiple points, the meeting moved to the school improvement plans for the middle schools and the high school. (It was during this time that I stopped reporting as I had a work phone conference to participate in.)

L to R: Chairman O'Malley, Denise Schultz, John Jewell
L to R: Chairman O'Malley, Denise Schultz, John Jewell

I came back from my meeting to catch the end of the high school discussion and get into the superintendent search decision. The HYA or ECRA group was chosen by a 6-1 vote. There was some discussion to make it unanimous but the decision was to leave it as is.

The Franklin TV video of the meeting can be viewed on demand

The detailed notes reported during the meeting can be found here:

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