Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Live reporting: Closing

Future agenda items

Bissanti - would like to explore why we can't get industrial land to come under grandfather?

Vallee - who is going to draft the bylaw for the plastic bags?
Nutting - it is already drafted and ready for review

Councilor Comments

Huang - There were 7 girls locally and 6 at the State level

Pellegri - If there is anything I can help with?

Padula - I thank you for voicing your opinion, I respect your opinion

Mercer - chaired MA program for many years, Mobile, AL in June is not a good place due to the weather.
Status of the fields at the new high school have raised concerns
we are in a really nasty drought, difficult growing times during the summer
been out there once, if not twice a week since the meetings in the spring
the landscape architect, site contractors, etc all feel comfortable that it will be playable next year
identified leaks and broken heads in the sprinkler system
replacing some of the sod that didn't take
discussing plans to remove the weeds from the boxes, etc.
you are not looking at the green grass, they do the infields at the end, that is the easiest to do
requesting a provisional acceptance, short of the punch list which will need to be completed before the spring, possible to take final ownership in the spring

2 guys 2.5 days just to mow the field, it is massive

spring sports are at the mercy of the weather

Jones - FEF basketball game in Nov as a fund raiser

Dellorco - there was a rec meeting and the fields were a lot of discussion

Mercer - girls softball field dip will be fixed in next couple of weeks

Pfeffer - affordable Housing Trust made donation, work on the Central Park Terrace, work to replace windows, gutters, etc

Concrete walls complete, steel scheduled to arrive next week
looking for most comfortable chairs, three samples in the library

motion to adjourn
seconded, passed 9-0

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