Wednesday, October 12, 2016

School Committee workshop sets timelines for the Superintendent search

The School Committee met on Tuesday evening in a workshop format with the search consultants from ECRA Group which is part of HYA Executive Search (Hazard, Young, Attea and Assoc.). 

More about the search process can be found on the HYA webpage

Consensus was reached on the following key points of the search (Please consider this a working draft. These are my notes from the summary of the meeting and I may have missed something.)

  • The interview committee will be composed of 11 who are the 7 members of the School Committee, one representing the principals, one representing the teachers, one representing the parents and one representing the town community
  • Individual focus groups for all the key stakeholders will be conducted on Oct 20, 21
  • A community meeting will also be scheduled for the evening of Oct 20 (location TBD)
  • A survey form will also be set up to allow for input via the internet and released as of Oct 24. The online survey will be available through Nov 10
  • The same questions will be asked in all the focus groups, survey, and forum. The level of detailed conversation following up on the comments and input will vary by the size of the group participating in each
  • The next workshop is scheduled for November 22. The workshop will focus on the superintendent profile which will summarize the feedback gathered from the survey, focus groups and forum.
  • A placeholder was tentatively put on the agenda for the School Committee meeting of Dec 13. Primarily for an update on the overall candidate status (how many?). If not enough candidates had applied by this time, additional avenues to spread the word may be explored
  • The deadline for candidate applications is targeted for Jan 6, 2017

Note: I showed up at 6:45 for what I thought was a 7:00 PM meeting but one that had actually started at 6:00). The 'normal' meeting agenda and document package was not distributed in advance however I was not overly concerned as I knew it was going to be a workshop meeting. Given the holiday weekend and school schedule not getting the agenda had occurred before.

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