Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Live reporting: State legislators update

Senator Spilka, Senator Ross, Representative Roy


legislation on opioid to reduce amount and frequency of dosage and prescriptions
implemented best practices in a survey of what could be done
SAFE Program is active here in Franklin
more treatment beds were added to the budget

public records reform

pay equity bill

more women on boards

clean energy omnibus, municipal modernization

continuing to work on adequate funding for charter schools

consensus revenue determined in Dec of prior year, budgets based upon those projections
700M were cut from the budget due to the revenue adjustments
revenues are now downgraded further, sales revenue down approx 20%/month
a little higher on corporate tax receipts
only 11M under for the benchmark
with that, the Governor has come up with items for funding
overall right now there are no actual cuts in the budget
there are Franklin funds being held (not being released) pending further revenue projections

starting budget process again for the FY 2018, developing revenue projections for December to enable further budget development


put choices back into the consumers by allowing partial fills
watching the $25K to be used for a recreation plan for the Army Corp of Engineers land along Mine Brook
little free library at Franklin Housing
$50K for senior center for technological improvements, a great resource

encourage local officials take the initiative to contact state officials

Metacom dispatch center help in development

intersection of 140 and Panther Way

tour of the SNETT trail to explore the needs of the project work required

Spectra pipeline is being mentioned a lot but it is not in our purview

prohibit public utilities from charging rate payers to pay for pipelines
SJC ruled against the Governors proposal


online legal notices, bill signed by Governor, thanks to Sen Spilka to get it through
check out

thanks to Councilor Jones for spearheading the legislation

Tegra Medical recognized for the work in the area

license plate legislation so more charities could get special plates

to stress this is a partnership, we work well together, we are all on speed dial
you're not successful to get it through one house, you need to get it through both and the Governor

Ross - thanks Jeff, we recently visited Tri-County, MIT came as well to that visit to talk about Tri-County as a feeder to their program

Vallee - question on how much the sales taxes revenues are down
Spilka - confidence ratings are high, indices are good, trying to figure out how to explain it, possible for internet sales (without tax revenues) to be driving this, but research is inconclusive at this time

Vallee - you are doing an excellent job!

Ross - I'll be glad when the election is over

Nutting - we did reach out to all the agencies, they said it is waiting on the Governor's release
do you have a crystal ball for FY 2018?

Roy - ask us after Dec 6 (when the revenue forecasts are due)

Spilka - we need to look at health care costs, if Congress isn't doing anything, we need to, it take 40% right off the top

Nutting - it takes 10% at our level, it is a tough issue because every one does want great health care

Spilka - $15.893 Billion is the unfunded State OPEB amount, everyone is in this boat (yes, you read that properly - almost $16 Billion dollars)

Jones - continuing the road repair money, what ever help you can provide is great

Dellorco - one good factor is your phone is always open
Ross - your phones are on, so it makes it easier to get a question answered

Roy - the SAFE Coalition has done good work, approx 7 deaths and 35 saves
protocols and NARCAN being administered and used

Spilka - we are working to create another 450 beds this year and another 450 next year
we are working on the supply of NARCAN via bulk purchasing

Ross - saving them is one thing, getting them to avoid doing again is another thing
we all know people who have been affected by it

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