Monday, October 31, 2016

“We don’t need to put each piece of produce in a separate plastic bag”

The Boston Globe MetroWest section of Sunday's paper recapped the community efforts to ban plastic bags.

"Industry lobbying may have helped block a state legislative effort to limit use of disposable shopping bags earlier this year, but local environmental advocates see victory in the growing numbers of cities and towns that banned the bag. 
At least 18 communities this year passed rules regulating or outright banning retailers from using disposable plastic bags at checkout, including Framingham, Watertown, Wellesley, Bridgewater, and Shrewsbury. 
“We’re basically living in this disposable society that was invented in the 1970s, and we have to change this,” said Ken Weiss, a Framingham man who successfully petitioned his town to adopt rules limiting plastic bags. 
Ban regulations are being considered in Boston, Springfield, Franklin, and Easthampton, while Brookline could tighten its existing bag rules, and officials are expected to enact their own in Natick."

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The Franklin proposal has been assigned to the Economic Development Committee for review. The Committee does not yet have a meeting scheduled for the remainder of 2016. 

The Franklin November calendar

image from the proposal presentation by the FHS students
image from the proposal presentation by the FHS students

The petition circulated in May 2016

The recap of the September 25, 2016 Town Council meeting where the presentation was made by the FHS students

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