Monday, November 21, 2016

Reminder: new MBTA schedule in effect Monday

I had a chance to sit with the old and new schedule to find and mark the changes. They are mostly minor but for those looking to catch the train from South Station to head home, 4 trains leave a minute or two earlier. As one who has watched the clock carefully, those 1 and 2 minutes changes can mean making or missing the train. Take note if one or more of these are trains you would catch.

  • Train 713 - now leaving at 2:40 (-1)
  • Train 715 - now leaving at 3:48 (-2)
  • Train 717 - now leaving at 4:43 (-2)
  • Train 745 - now leaving at 5:02 (-1)

Inbound there are as 5 time changes, four leaving earlier (one leaving 21 minutes earlier) and one 6 minutes later than it used to.

  • Train 708 - now leaving at 7:50 (+6)
  • Train 718 - now leaving at 2:57 (-3)
  • Train 720 - now leaving at 4:01 (-4)
  • Train 722 - now leaving at 5:03 (-1)
  • Train 726 - now leaving at 7:43 (-21)

If you find I missed a change, please let me know so we can share with all.

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Fall Commuter Rail schedules go into effect on Monday, November 21st. Schedules are now available online at

The fall schedules incorporate severe weather service information and can be viewed on on each line's schedule page. 

Paper schedules will be available at North Station, South Station, and Back Bay starting on Monday, November 14th.

Last updated: Nov 01 2016 01:27 PM

boarding the Franklin train at Franklin-Dean Station
boarding the Franklin train at Franklin-Dean Station

Click here for more information:

For convenience, the Franklin schedule can be found here

And a copy is located here

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