Sunday, November 20, 2016

Town Council recap: zoning bylaws and fee schedule changes

To recap the Town Council meeting held on Wednesday, Nov 16 I have the following:

  • The Cub Scout pack 17 lead the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Two were appointed to the Cultural Council (Barbara Gardner and Rob Coutillo)
  • The next Economic Development Committee meeting is scheduled for Nov 30 at 5:30. The key item on the agenda will be the proposed plastic bag bylaw.
  • Three citizens spoke against the proposed re-zoning of the area along Washington St that would allow Hillside Nursery to create a 'Country Store". Without any acknowledgement of these comments and concerns, the Council voted to approve the set of 6 bylaws by unanimous votes. In the Council comments, those who did mention this item spoke of adding more to the current bylaw to enable further expansion of the retail opportunity. 
  • There was a map rezoning proposal for a section along Summer St that was referred to the Planning Board. Bissanti recused himself from this discussion and vote. The change would allow approx 40 units to be built instead of 7 or 8.
  • Up for a first reading is the revision and simplification of the Town fee bylaw. Over 100 fees were removed from the schedule in the first major cleanup in 20 years. The bylaw will come back for a second reading at a future meeting.

Cub Scout pack 17 get applause after leading the Pledge of Allegiance
Cub Scout pack 17 get applause after leading the Pledge of Allegiance

The full text of the fee bylaw can be found here

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