Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Real time Reporting: District Current Needs

coordinator for social emotional learning

STEM coordinator for pre-K to 12 levels
a district of this size would have layers of curriculum people, we don't have an entire layer that others have

department heads currently teaching 2-3 classes, other districts usually teach only one so the time can be spent on curriculum development

need a technology support person full time, currently share with the Town and the needs can not be met
1 digital integration specialist at the high school, technical support for each school but that is limited

approx 1,000 special education students in the district. approx 17% of the population

professional development adds days to the school year and is rather expensive
extend school year for teachers to not affect the 180 day requirement
adds approx $200K per day

looking at about $400K to add the line item for textbooks and Chrome books to the budget; currently using capital budget process for this recurring expense

school fees are one item they would like to do away with.
(school fees are one reason why I got started doing this reporting. The fees came in and then went up and up. I went to meetings to find out why and try and make sense of it.)

advertising on the buses? we don't own the buses so it would not be possible to generate revenue that way

(left off at 8:00 for a work meeting; returned to meeting at 9 PM)

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