Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Live reporting: Closing

K. Town Administrator's Report(To be provided during meeting)
L. Future Agenda Items(To be provided during meeting if required)

M. Council Comments(To be provided during meeting)

Paulda, thanks for the DPW great job
coach Leone in the 1970"s
read previously (couple of years ago)
talks about what we learn from our coaches and teachers
make our coaches and teachers proud

Vallee - could you get him to do a presentation on water?
Cantoreggi - I can reach out to him, he is retired but we'll see

Jones- Safe Coalition training tonight at the Fire Station

Dellorco - I went down the street at 4:30 and it was fine, it was quick and fast, it was a tough one

Bissanti - I thought I was going to have to stick up for Brutus tonight, we have an archaic system and can believe the schools didn't have a 2 hour delay

Pfeffer - sidewalks around Davis Thayer not done, Parmenter was done
the Town needs to implement some rules for the Library and Senior Center
art hanging wall systems, a garden club, etc, Art Association, need to be able to have these groups to be able to sell their items in this buildings

Kelly - perhaps could have made a couple of better choices, the Council could have gotten a better update from Administration

Cantoreggi - I have been doing DPW a long time, no one knew, we are more watchful,

Kelly - you need to communicate with us, we need to know, I got several phones calls, I need better communication to the Council

Cantoreggi - I have been here before, I get calls all day

N. Executive Session
Potential Purchase of Land at 0 Washington Street (Exercise of Town's Right of First Refusal - Discussion Only)

motion to go into executive session, seconded, passed 8-0 via roll call

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