Saturday, February 4, 2017

"reportedly selling alcohol below the invoiced cost"

Mark Lenzi, Franklin Liquors, is quoted in an article by the Milford Daily News on a court case where the State has charged a Natick "big box" store with violating pricing regulations.

"Mark Lenzi, a member of the family that owns Franklin Liquors in Franklin, said conflicts between larger and smaller sellers have been a big issue for years. 
"Everybody buys from the same distributors, and we all get the same price," he said. "Lately, people have been challenging that, saying they want to charge whatever they want." 
Beyond pricing, Lenzi said, there have been instances where distributors have provided manpower to help stock bigger stores - behavior a newly filed bill hopes to curtail. 
This case, Lenzi said, could prove to be troublesome if the court concurs with Total Wine's reasoning. 
"I think every small retailer is following this case," he said. "We can't compete if people are just going to give things away."
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