Monday, March 27, 2017

Finance Committee starts the detailed budget hearings Wednesday, March 29

The FY 2018 budget cycle is underway. A portion of the capital budget was already authorized. The balance is being held up to see how much of the 'free cash' is left after the winter storms do their thing with the snow/ice budget.

As of the recent Town Council, the FY 2017 budgeted amount was already close to what was actually spent for this winter thus far.

The School budget is reviewed at the School Committee meeting Tuesday and then formally presented to the Finance Committee on Wednesday. The remainder of the budget items on Wednesday's agenda are the 'smaller' department items covering Town Council, Town Administration, etc. (see the listing below).

For any resident, watching the Finance Committee review each department for the FY 2018 budget is the best way to find out what is going on, how Franklin operates, and what the drivers are for each department budget. You used to be able to get this insight at the Town Council budget hearings but with the changes they have made over the past several years, that effort is pretty much perfunctory and a waste of time (albeit officially needed).

FY 2018 Budget Presentation:

  • School 300

  • Council 111 A-1
  • Town Admin 123 A-2
  • Fin Comm 131 A-4
  • Comptroller 135 A-6
  • T/C 147 A-14
  • Legal 151 A-22
  • Human Services 152 A-24
  • Central Services 196 A-50
  • Animal Control 292 B-43
  • Historical 691 F-11
  • Memorial Day 692 F-13
  • Cultural Council 695 F-14

Finance Committee photo from ToF webpage
Finance Committee photo from ToF webpage

The working draft of the FY 2018 has not yet been posted to the Town of Franklin page. Or if it has, it is not on the Town Administrator, Comptroller or Finance Committee pages. For reference you can review the FY 2017 budget

and the Five Year fiscal forecast (last updated Jan 2016)

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