Tuesday, March 28, 2017

In the News: water ban bylaw reviewed; stuff animals donated to Fire Dept

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"The Town Council is considering changes to its water ban bylaw, though the new proposal drew sharp criticism from some members. 
The council discussed the matter at its March 22 meeting, with Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting saying the new language would codify the town's current practices. The proposed changes explain more fully the uses of water that would be affected by a ban, create an official "state of water conservation" designation and discuss how the public will be informed of a ban. 
Nutting said that despite discussion at an earlier council meeting, bans would not include private well owners. The new language, he said, did require that private well owners who water their lawns have signs to indicate they have wells, in order to make enforcement easier."

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"On a recent rainy day, Chloe Zajac and Harriet Chalk arrived at the Franklin Fire Department's headquarters with a special delivery packed inside a plastic laundry basket. 
Armloads of plush animals of all shapes and sizes were piled into the basket, with arms, legs, tails and snouts poking out here and there - a mound of pink, purple, gray, brown, white and yellow cheerfulness. 
Chloe, 7, and Harriet, 8, said they had gotten all of the love and comfort out of the animals they needed, and wanted to share it with others. So they decided to donate them to the fire department, to be given out to children in situations that call for such objects of consolation."

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