Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Live reporting: Closing, etc.

K. Town Administrator's Report(updates provided during meeting)

DelCarte playground still having a problem even after coverage
did a deal with the company to get a total replacement with a new one and coverage for another unit if needed

Company will replace at their expense, no cost to Franklin
concern about the timing of the replacement given their record

the current tree was formed from a special concrete and just not lasting

L. Future Agenda Items
would like opportunity to revisit wording of the online training section of the TIp training

M. Council Commentswhen I made my comments on the COrnetta's application, it was a nice clean job, very complete

purchase of property on Union and Cottage St
Vallee curious on how this came up again?
the propoerty is apparently under a purchase agreement

before it was a five acre lot, and now it is less
could not do much with it if we got it anyway

Franklin Almanac episode 3
all poles to be installed at PIsani Field, lights were donated to and they are coming

high school fields are on schedule, will be ready to go April 1
compliments on the hard work to get all the work done and ready for Spring

great job on the fields

great job on the Senior Center
inspired by the attendence and turn out

had an article the day before, but missed the day of
wonderful programs, blood pressure, games, chair exercises
new parking lot, furnature and colors are bright and cheerful

Secretary of Elders Affairs appeared acknowledged everyone wants a senior center like ours, how do we do it?
we are taking good care of our seniors
N. Executive Session(not scheduled)
O. Adjourn

motion to adjourn, passed 8-0

the cover did not help this winter, as noted in the meeting, the whole playground unit at DelCarte unit is to be removed and
replaced by the vendor with no cost to the Town

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