Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Social Emotional Learning - Presentation to Franklin (MA) School Committee

Peter Light
Chandler Creedon
Debbie Dixon
Kate Peretz
Brian Wildeman

not just counseling, focused on social and emotional learning

recognition of the whole team in guidance and counseling

CASEL.org leading group working in the social emotional space Also working with the State however, Franklin was working with them earlier

importance of SEL for success of students
without these SEL skills, students can learning at capacity

if 5% of the students require intervention, what does it say about Franklin schools when we have approx 17% in some form of special education?  

monthly whole school meeting, one piece of the responsive classroom approach is the individual classroom morning meeting

three stages in the approach through the school year

  1. who am I?
  2. what is my place in the world?
  3. How can I make a difference?

approx 18-19 clubs at middle schools, high school has more clubs in addition to the intramural and interscholastic sports programs

"if you can't reach them, you can't teach them"

site used by teachers, clam.calm

zones of regulation, leads to increase control of self and can lead to problem solving

(Bilello arrives at 8:00)

team of four from Oak St nominated for special program in SEL to bring back training to the rest; a nine month program with 15 credits

substance abuse task force being rolled out across the district

check out video embedded in the presentation document above (15 mins)

IST - instructional support team, based in each school
expanding the focus of this team to include SEL

screening and assessment, i.e pyramid shown earlier
when does someone move from tier to tier? still a tool in development
not to rush into screening and assessment

Bergen - can you speak to what more counselors can do at the middle school level?
Creedon - I walked in yesterday with a schedule of things to do and spent the day supporting a student who had some problems and ended up in the hospital. My day completed after 5 when I drove the mothers car to the hospital as she had gone with the student in the ambulence

Wildeman - more staff would allow to be more proactive, currently in a reactionary model  

Bergen - is there part of the process to identify the student that is not getting involved, if involvement is so critical to their overall health and engagement?

Creedon - I had one boy who wasn't getting involved and I asked why, he said there was nothing for me to get involved. I asked what would you be involved in? He said legos. We got a lego set and it went from one kids on a Friday to over 100 a week in legoworld

Light - speaks for diverse programming to ensure a reach for all, need a niche for each student and then work into the areas that aren't their passion

Schultz - thank you for the clarification on what you provide vs. what you could provide, we need to provide the support required

O'Malley -  we need to put forth to the public, the students are full entities, this is the best work I have seen the district has done. guidance is not a passive profession, that is not the traditional view. The parents of our students are fundamental to the success for the students. They are too big a player to be left aside in this discussion. 

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