Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Live reporting: Closing

Bissanti - ask for

Pellegri - Ethic Commission update

Mercer - get together on a review of rules and procedures

Councilor Comments -
Pellegri - dedication of Horace Mann statue, May 7
refreshments available before hand, light lunch available after
some of the corner will be closed to allow for viewing
limited edition, 200 only, mugs for sale, a continuing series of mugs for sale as a fund raiser, $10/per

PAdula - thanks for the legislative update

Mercer - congrats to the basketball team

Jones - congrats to the basketball team

Bissanti - now that the Res VII, we do not have the right zoning in this town, the 40B is going to be the answer for folks coming to town; the most that any work can be done is by the ZBA. there is nothing affordable about the 40B units

Pfeffer - bricks for the Library, patio on the School St side, entrance to the Library, 5400 bricks to be sued

Kelly - on a more serious note.,. I am ashamed of the Town and the 50 emails I received for the zoning issue. I moved into this town and I don't want to see anymore, is not right Profanity, inappropriate for citizens of Franklin, we do not get a pay check

You might agree with what we say, we don't always agree, we work together to bring the best for Franklin

if you think you can do a better job, here is the gavel, come on up
we do it because we care about Franklin, we are also doing something else for Franklin

you are sending an email to a neighbor and a friend

I hope everybody just thinks a little harder, I have been ashamed to be called a citizen of Franklin

motion to adjourn

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