Sunday, April 9, 2017

Land Use Workshop - Thursday, April 13

Land Use Workshop 
April 13, 2017 at 6:30 PM
355 East Central Street 
Council Chambers

Topics for Workshop

• COMMUNITY APPROACH TO HOUSING and Economic Development
1. Current Growth spurt? - see attached Memo
2. Residential VII ?
3. Commercial I
4. Commercial II
5. Height of issues in Cl, C2, Downtown and RS
6. Affordable housing
• lnclusionary Zoning - for affordable/or open space?
7. Open Space Acquisition Plan?

Master Plan Adopted by the Town Council in 2013 

Changes as a result of the Master Plan
• Change Industrial to R 5 at the end of Dean Ave (Thompson Press)
• Allow surface parking lots as primary use in Downtown
• Clean up zone lines in the Downtown
• Rural business (was Neighborhood Commercial) - Washington Street and Spring Street
• Change R4 to RS on West Central near Beaver Street

Zoning in Master Plan not addressed to date
• C-1 issues/options/location

Recent proposed changes not included in the Master Plan
1. Residential VII East Central Street - Citizen/Developer petition
2. Storage Facility moved from CII to industrial - In process
3. Medical Marijuana - State law passed - adopted
4. Recreation Marijuana - State law passed - adopted

Thompson Press building on Dean Ave - future site of 200+ condos
Thompson Press building on Dean Ave - future site of 200+ condos

The original agenda document for the Land Use Workshop

The Master Plan can be found on the Town of Franklin webpage

The 5 part Special Report on the development of the Residential VII zoning proposal can be found here

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