Tuesday, April 11, 2017

St Mary's Changes Grade One Education Program Location

This is an important message to inform all of our families of a change which will help to strengthen the Faith Formation of our young people. After much prayerful thought, advice, and discussion with Fr. Brian, teachers, and parents, we have decided to have our First Grade students come to class at the school building. 

Beginning September 2017 there will be no home program for Grade One (First Communion 1).

If you already have other children in our program, you will register your first grade student when you register your other children this summer, adding Baptismal information online.

New families of first grade students will have the opportunity to register online using the registration link that will be on the parish website this summer. You will also be able to add the necessary Baptismal information online.

At this time, if anyone is interested in joining our teaching team for Grade One and hopefully, Grade Two, please contact the Religious Education Office at 508-528-1450.

I hope by getting this information out to you early you will be able to make your plans for Religious Education for 2017/2018. If at any time you have questions, regarding Religious Education, please feel free to call me at 508-528-1450.

Thank you
Karen Ackles

St Mary's Parish, Franklin
St Mary's Parish, Franklin

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