Monday, June 12, 2017

In the News: Pleasant St neighborhood; Library taking shape

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"With Dean College, the Franklin Town Common, and a train station within walking distance of the Pleasant Street neighborhood, local residents are offered a unique front row experience to things happening in town. 
“We walk down to the town green all the time for farmers markets, festivals, and carnivals,” said Elise Stokes, 38. “For those types of events, they usually shut down the main roads.” 
Stokes said she noticed a lot of her neighbors are either parents of young children in their 30s, or grandparents. She said her neighborhood is so friendly, planning play dates for her children is not difficult at all, and all of the neighbors help each other out whenever they can."

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"The new addition to the Franklin Public Library has begun to take shape, reminding local leaders of a tree house amid the greenery of downtown Franklin. 
The Main Street building - completed in 1904 - is now well into an extensive, $10 million renovation and addition project, aimed at expanding the spaces within and upgrading its systems. 
There are evident signs of progress inside the building - new lighting has been installed, and the building’s frescoes, which were previously covered, can now be seen in their original state. The change is most striking in the new portions of the building - what had been a shell of steel beams is now enclosed, with new windows bathing the space in sunlight. 
Town Councilor Judith Pfeffer, chairwoman of the Library Building Committee, said Friday that the addition’s windows allowed for an excellent view of the trees around the library. She predicted that the west-facing windows - which will eventually have seats and tables along them - would be a popular spot on winter afternoons."

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windows are being installed in the new wing of the Library
windows are being installed in the new wing of the Library

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