Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Live reporting: Information Matters to Closing

4. Information Matters
Superintendent’s Report
reiterate Chair O'Malley's comments on graduation week
the all night party did well, thanks to all the parents and volunteers for

FHS girls lacrosse got to the D1 semifinals

FHS girls 4x800 track relay team took 3rd place in New England Championships

some hateful drawings found at two of our school complexes
letter sent to community today (will be shared here later)
this is not just a FPS problem but a community problem
can not be tolerated
will not let this message be seen as it is okay, there is no place for hate here
looking to be proactive, collaborate with groups for training and awareness

School Committee Sub-Committee Reports

  • a. Policy Sub Committee – Ms. Scofield
met last Tuesday evening on home work policy
all grade levels represented, good group participation
250 responses from parents from survey
meeting Tuesday, June 20, Dr Ahern to join to provide input
staff survey with 20 responses with 4 provided as well at a feedback session
comments ran gamut from no homework, no way; to my kid needs more homework
also included a review of policies of other districts
  • b. Community Relations Sub Committee – Ms.Schultz
newsletter out, over 1,000 views
last coffee at Senior Center for this school year
newsletter in August, and new schedule for coffee hours in newsletter

School Committee Liaison Reports

O'Malley - out reach to Senior Center, to keep them informed
discussions with students at FHS with the seniors, 20 students at a time
schools are much more than 3 R's

5. New Business
To discuss future business that may be brought before the School Committee.

6. Motion to Adjourn 
– Dr. O’Malley

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