Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Live reporting: SAFE Coalition - presentation

H. Presentations/Discussions
H. Presentation/Discussions

Safe Coalition

SAFE Coalition presentation to Town Council, July 12, 2017
SAFE Coalition presentation to Town Council, July 12, 2017

Rep Jeff Roy, 
Councilor Bob Dellorco
Dr Jordan Warnick
Jennifer Knight-Levine
Jim Derick

In May of 2015 Franklin had no resources
1st responders are now equipped with NARCAN
legislation passed, more work to be accomplished

"We have come along way, we still have a lot to do"

3 new members for the Board as of today

linked with all the community stakeholders, non-profit orgs, churches, District Court, etc.

(will add presentation copy to this later)

largest national epidemic

no one taking a street drug should feel safe, and with fentenyl, it is now more lethal

Franklin among the hardest hit communities in MA

Franklin Police provides updated stats on the effects here 

Jim acknowledges as a Franklin resident with a family member he has experienced the issues directly.

over 125 supported via the Support Line  (508-488 8105)

Mike Zito - recover focused event at THE BLACK BOX
Chris Herren at FHS
Dr John Kelly at FHS
"Four Legs to Stand On" at THE BLACK BOX
video series via local cable (and via YouTube)

present on Internet, Facebook, Twitter
NARCAN training offered in Feb and Apr

Dr Ruth Potee, speaker based in Western MA, spoke in Franklin and elsewhere in MA

Derek Getchell, former FHS student and athlete

2 students from the Peer to Peer group worked with SAFE as part of their Senior Project

1st Annual 5K race raised over $2400 with 140 runners

2nd Annual Golf Tournament

Dellorco - this group is tremendous, we are lucky to have Rep Roy working with us

Thanks to Jeff Nutting for his help guiding us in using the recent State grant

Bissanti - this group is for real, they are there when you need them. You need to understand the tentacles of drug addiction and what it can do to a family

Jones - we appreciate the effort, I have been to many of the events you have hosted. I hope it is making some impact. 

the dose of NARCAN is higher than what it was a couple of months ago
it is a short term effect and if not applied in the right time doesn't help

it is a cycle between addition, high and recovery; we need to break the cycle

"addicts are no longer trying to get high, they are trying to avoid getting sick"

"we learn from people like Derrick to know what it is like"

"we are treating a disease, getting people over the hump is a tremendous hurdle"

multi-headed effort required, need to address some of the root cause availability of the drugs

so much of the overdoses are on prescription medications
what is it for, why do I need to be on it?
medication disposal is also needed, 2 easy at home ways from MA Dept of Health (look for link) 

Strengthened the prescription monitoring program, allows for an overview of what is being issued to patients; state spent 3M to upgrade system and make it mandatory for use to distribute prescriptions; legislation is pending to provide a penalty for non compliance
lowered default prescription dosage
working with MIAA, to address the student athlete who get prescriptions

need to get early education and get it all the way through high school

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