Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Senator Spilka Announces Funding for Franklin & Medway in Final FY 2018 Budget

The Massachusetts Senate on Friday to approve a final $40.202B billion budget for Fiscal Year 2018. The budget makes reductions in spending from the originally proposed Senate budget due to revised revenue forecasts, but maintains a strong commitment to Chapter 70 education funding and preserving local aid to cities and towns.

Funding specific to Franklin & Medway includes:

- $25,000 for the Franklin, Medway, and Bellingham Army Corps of Engineers flood plain and wildlife habitat efforts
- $50,000 for the substance abuse coalition in Franklin 
- $5,000 for the Franklin Historical Commission for  equipment to preserve historical artifacts
- $15,000 for the Franklin Downtown Partnership, Inc
- $50,000 shall be expended for the T.H.R.I.V.E. Substance Abuse
Prevention Program
- $25,000 for a community garden at the Medway Community Farm

Chapter 70 Funding includes:

- $28,078,451 for Franklin Chapter 70 - $174,540 (0.6%) increase over FY17 GAA
- $10,368,909 for Medway Chapter 70 - $67,440 (0.7 %) increase over FY17 GAA

Unrestricted General Government Aid (UGGA) includes:

- $2,468,462 for Franklin Unrestricted General Government Aid - $92,656 (3.9%) increase from FY17 GAA
-$1,218,791 for Medway Unrestricted General Government Aid - $45,749 (3.9%) increase from FY17 GAA

The FY 2018 conference committee report passed the Senate with a vote of 36 to 2.  The budget will now go to Governor Baker for his signature.

Senator Spilka: Joint Statement on Fiscal Year 2018 Budget
link to Senate Fiscal Year 2018 Budget

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