Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Music rentals for rising 6th Grade Franklin Students

To All Parents of Rising 6th Graders in Franklin,

Summer is in full swing, but back to school season will be here soon! Middle school is a huge step for your child, and with many options to consider for classes. Band and orchestra class are proven to help with test scores, foster friendships and teamwork, and be lots of fun! The music educators in the Franklin schools are top notch and would love to see your child in their classes.

We held a spring rental evening on June 14th at Franklin High School for rising 6th graders. This was a new event where parents could rent online in the computer lab after their child play tested and decided on an instrument. The educators and I would like to reach out to you in case your child did not decide at the event or were unable to attend. There is still a chance to rent an instrument for the fall.

If you rent online before August 21st, your child’s instrument can be delivered to the school, for free, for their first day of class. The accessories and book required for class are also available during the online rental process. You can visit www.musicarts.com/rentals to complete this and choose for a fall delivery to the school. By delivering to the school, you save yourself a trip to the store and have peace of mind that everything you need will be there for those first lessons.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

Kayla Davis
Educational Representative

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