Tuesday, October 10, 2017

"sexting is the new first base"

Did you catch the Boston Globe Magazine article on Sunday?
"In the affluent seaside town of Duxbury, Massachusetts (nicknamed “Deluxeberry,” for its oceanfront homes), rumors of the not-so-secret Dropbox account had been circulating all year. On it were said to be folders named after some 50 Duxbury High School girls, each containing revealing or even nude photos. 
How had those photos, known as “noods” in Internet slang, come to exist? Some girls had sent their photos to boyfriends, trusting that they would keep them private; others to boys they were crushing on, hoping to impress or land a potential hookup. Some had refused requests for pictures, but out of frustration or vindictiveness, someone doctored up nude photos with their name or face and posted it anyway."


This is timely as there is a forum on Monday, Oct 16 at Franklin High School to discuss this very issue.

SEXT ED: A forum on teen sexting and changing the law - Oct 16
SEXT ED: A forum on teen sexting and changing the law - Oct 16

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