Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Franklin Police issue reminder on hunting

From the Franklin Police Dept:

"We have been seeing a lot of questions about hunting in Franklin over the last few days. Please be advised that hunting, including with a bow, is forbidden on any Town owned property. 
By Massachusetts law, hunters may hunt on any property, private or public, which is not posted or forbidden by local statue. If a hunter is notified by the landowner, or person in charge of said property that they are forbidden, they must leave or be subject to a trespassing complaint. 
No discharge of a firearm may occur within 500 feet of any dwelling, and hunters must have proper licensing and safety equipment. 
Hunting on STATE OWNED land is permissible provided it is not posted that it is forbidden."

Direct link to the Town of Franklin code on firearms

Franklin Police issue reminder on hunting
Franklin Police issue reminder on hunting

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