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Live reporting: Library Building Committee - Nov 14, 2017

Live reporting by Alan Earls for Franklin Matters: Library Building Committee Meeting – Nov. 14, 2017

Committee Members Present: Chair Judith Pfeffer, Sandra Brandfonbrener, Christopher Feeley,Matthew Kelly, Felicia Oti, Nancy Rappa, Jim Roche, Joseph Mullen.

Also in attendance: Michael D’Angelo, Director of Franklin Public Facilities; Shane Nolan, Daedalus Projects Incorporated; Mike Flaherty, Daedalus Projects Incorporated; Brian Valentine, LLB Architects; Judith Lizardi, Recording Secretary, Eamon McCarthy Earls, councilor-elect

Committee Members Absent: Monique Doyle, Thomas Mercer

OVERVIEW: The committee has been meeting monthly before and during the library renovation project and is now focusing on ensuring that final contractual obligations are met and that all necessary elements in the library are functioning properly.

The meeting was called to order by the chair at 5:07 pm. After approving the minutes, the chair asked for an update from Brian Valentine of LLB Architects. He indicated that effort was still being put into finishing items on the ‘punch’ list and trying to finalize a certification of substantial completion. Open items include a desk needing rework and weatherstripping as well as portions of the HVAC system.

Pfeffer noted that the external lawn sprinkler system was completed recently and will be important for maintaining new plantings.

Joe Mullen from Friends of the Library provided a progress report on the sale of memorial or commemorative bricks. To date, 590 have been sold; most have been installed and more will be installed in the spring. At present, according to Mullen, the group is working to prepare Christmas season order forms, which will be promoted around town. Bricks are sold for $50 each.

Mullen also mentioned that the Friends group is teaming up with local veterans who plan to create a commemorative walkway on the common in 2018. By working together, they were able to purchase a pallet of 500 bricks at a more affordable price.

After the completion of Mullen’s presentation, Pfeffer then discussed the status of the credenza currently in the main hall of the library. This large, custom-made piece of furniture served as the library’s reference desk after the 1989 updates and addition. Pfeffer noted that it is marked with a plaque dedicated to Dennis Foley. She indicated that there is really no place for it in the current library and facilities director Michael D’Angelo stated that the credenza is made primarily of particle board and probably needs to be discarded. 

Pfeffer agreed and said she had been unable to reach any members of the Foley family to explain the situation. Councilor Matt Kelly stressed the importance of trying to reach them to express the town’s appreciation for their generosity. Pfeffer said the plaque would be retained and placed elsewhere and expressed the hope that a mention in Franklin Matters might lead to a reconnection with the Foley family.

The “key” presentation of the afternoon came from Shane Nolan, from Daedalus. He provided a “walk through” of a monthly review report. Among the key points:

  • Work on roof and eaves should be complete in about two weeks
  • Conference room millwork was just completed
  • Some door lock and hardware issues remain
  • Carpeting was completed in time for opening and final balancing of the HVAC is underway.[D’Angelo mentioned that chillers have just been winterized]
  • In the near future training for library staff and town facilities people on various new systems will be conducted.
  • End caps have been selected for children’s room shelving [Pfeffer said they are expected in about two weeks]
  • Wood trim on archive room should be in place in a few weeks
  • Reference desk and children’s staff desk to be refabricated soon

Nolan mentioned that the committee had made a decision earlier in the year to “not rush” the contractors so actual completion was 123 days behind the contracted date. At present nine change orders with a value of more than $32,000 are under review with two other potential changes being tracked.

The original contract value was $6,372,213 and 17 change orders to date added $1,310,305 to that for a current contract value of $7,682,517. This figure is below the $10.5 million approved by the Town Council in 2015.

Nolan indicated “close out” of the project would take 60-90 days. Pfeffer and others on the committee sought assurances that any remaining issues would be handled within that time or addressed subsequently.

The Committee also voted unanimously to approve an additional $30,000 for LLB architects to partially cover their additional costs for working during the additional time period required by the project.

The committee also voted unanimously to approve payment number 19, for DW Construction in the amount of $265,081.07.

Later in the meeting the use of library facilities was discussed and questions about current town policies strictly limiting sales on town properties were mentioned as a potential impediment to attracting library speakers or working with art and garden groups in town. 

Councilor Kelly said he hoped to address that policy and work toward an update, perhaps as soon as the first meeting of the Town Council on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:42 pm. The next meeting is scheduled for December 5, 2017, at 5:00 PM at the library. Weekly construction meetings are also held Fridays at 9:00 AM at t Library

view of the main room from an overlook on the 4th floor
view of the main room from an overlook on the 4th floor

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