Friday, February 23, 2018

"Health care is a big budget item to begin with"

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"About half the more than 430,000 people covered by Group Insurance Commission plans will see a decrease in their premiums in fiscal 2019 and on average there will be no increase in premiums, GIC Executive Director Roberta Herman said Thursday. 
“This is kind of unheard of,” Herman told the GIC board Thursday. She said, “This is not something that you should expect to see year after year.” 
The commission provides health coverage to state and municipal employees, covering 436,000 people with a budget of over $2 billion. 
The GIC had a goal of premiums increasing by 2 percent in fiscal 2019, and health care costs generally increase annually. The market indicated the GIC could see increases of 6 to 9 percent in fiscal 2019, according to the GIC."

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MA Group Insurance Commission
MA Group Insurance Commission

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