Thursday, April 12, 2018

"boomers leave a substantial imprint on the population"

From the US Census Bureau:
"In less than two decades, the graying of America will be inescapable: Older adults are projected to outnumber kids for the first time in U.S. history. 
Already, the middle-aged outnumber children, but the country will reach a new milestone in 2035. That year, the U.S. Census Bureau projects that older adults will edge out children in population size: People age 65 and over are expected to number 78.0 million, while children under age 18 will number 76.4 million.
With this swelling number of older adults, the country could see greater demands for healthcare, in-home caregiving and assisted living facilities. It could also affect Social Security. We project three-and-a-half working-age adults for every older person eligible for Social Security in 2020. By 2060, that number is expected to fall to two-and-a-half working-age adults for every older person.

If the trends continue, the U.S. is fast heading towards a demographic first. It will become grayer than ever before as older adults outnumber kids."

Yes, I'll admit to being of the baby boomer generation. There is no denying that. The implications of this population change will affect Franklin over the next several years/decades. The Senior Center has been expanded while the school enrollment has fallen. What else will change? A good topic for discussion as the budget cycle begins.

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