Sunday, April 8, 2018

Change in plan: The Franklin Matters Facebook page will continue

I posted. 
You responded. 
I will change my approach and NOT remove the Franklin Matters Facebook page.

Rather than replay the full thread from Facebook, suffice to say, my logic fell apart on one key point that at least one of the three alternatives would be acceptable for most. For a variety of reasons, they are not.

I appreciate your feedback.The posting process will continue to the website, Twitter, Facebook and the daily email. I will still encourage all to consider using one of the three if you really want everything that I do post. The one thing that neither of us can change is that Facebook will NOT show you all I post.


The three options to reliably provide you access to Franklin Matters content: 
  1. The website is reliable (subscribe via RSS feed or bookmark the page)
  2. The daily newsletter delivers to your Inbox all the posts for that day (subscribe to receive the daily email)
  3. The Twitter account shares the post at least once (follow the Twitter account @FranklinMatters)

Facebook thread

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