Tuesday, April 17, 2018

“The camp has meant so much to all of us, we want the next generation to have the same experiences we had”

The Franklin radar turns up this article about renovations at the Armenian Youth Federation Camp Haiastan located on Summer St in Franklin.
"Thanks to the generosity and dedication of Mr. Gregory Arabian of Belmont, Mass. and the Rafaelian-Caruolo family of Cranston, R.I., AYF Camp Haiastan is set to embark on yet another significant infrastructure upgrade this spring. Three major projects have been already completed in the past three years: a new camp-wide septic system, a new water well, and most recently, a new shower and bath facility. 
Arabian is increasing his commitment to the Armenian Cause by donating $250,000 to renovate and add a second floor to our aging Director’s Quarters in Franklin. This dramatic transformation will allow our summer directors to live in enhanced quarters on the second floor with increased privacy and a second bedroom while adding four bedrooms on the first floor for semi-private accommodations for head counselors, assistant directors, guests and more. This donation was spurred by the love felt by Attorney Arabian during his numerous visits to AYF Camp Haiastan while executing the wishes of Neshon Hagopian as the executor of Mr. Hagopian’s Estate. 
“I have decided that this is how I wish my legacy to be,” Arabian said, while pointing to the 50-plus-year-old building. “I like what you are doing here.”
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AYF Camp Haiastan
AYF Camp Haiastan

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