Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Live reporting: Finance Committee - Budget Hearing #2 - 4/18/18

Present: Dufour, Dowd, Conley, Huempfner, Weich, Fleming, Moses, Smith, Dewsnap 

Absent:  none

Fiscal 2019 budget document (160+ pages of good reading)

Budget Hearing #1 can be found here

1.    Call to Order
2.    Public Comments
3.    Approval of Minutes

4.    FY2019 Budget Presentations:


Culture and Recreation
Culture and Recreation
Town Clerk
General Government
General Government
Public Safety
Public Safety
Public Safety

motion to approve the minutes for hearing #1, seconded passed 9-0

Recreation, Ryan Jette
budget basically straight forward as it is self supporting with fee revenue

new programs - strength and conditioning for MS
pickle ball, dodge ball
baseball training with batting cages
street hockey program will be indoor Thursday due to the rain

approx 5800 registered for a program last year, should see a slight increase this year

building getting a lot of use, meetings, CPR training 

Library, Felicia Oti
up 63,000 (still short 99K+ short of required amount by State, will have to file for waiver)
8 weekly regularly scheduled programs, getting ready for kindergarten; tweens and teens, looking to add a science program, and weekend program

the building is wonderful, power outlets and wifi throughout the building

Q - formula established by State?
A - average of last three years and then increased by 2.5%
we should be about 1M to meet the requirement; trying to walk our way up to 110%

windows on the 3rd floor on the Dean side need to be replaced/repaired

waiting for the new gate to get put in so the building can be used after hours

Town Clerk, Elections - Teresa Burr
state primary and state election later this year, other than that no real changes
dog resitrations were due Apr 1

DPW just went live with all their fees a couple of weeks ago
other permitting agencies likely later this summer

Police - Chief out of town, deputy got called away
move item to next Tuesday schedule

Dispatch - building under construction, should be open for 6 months during the FY 2019 year; dispatchers here will move their
47% of the operations is our share of the regional operation

walk in service after hours at the Fire Dept in future will be served via remote camera from the MEC

walk in at Police Station needs to be worked out how to keep someone there

approx 23 dispatchers across the four communities, we have about 16-18 positions available which is why we are consolidating

Jamie Hellen - 
DEP announced a DPW water grant for $80K
will save from operations, and get credit for green community work as well

open space is only for Land purchase, property acquisition is mostly for property maintenance; helps to cover some of the HVAC or other systems that might be needed in a rush

free cash is approx $500K after covering the snow/ice overage
will wait until June to put it towards roads

when the apartments go to Dean Ave, a 'gift' of $700K will come to the town for the road and sidewalks as part of the development

May 16-17 for Town Council budget hearings
next Tuesday, Schools Police and Tech at 6:00 PM 3rd floor training room

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