Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Memorial Day Parade Preparations

It's that time of year again to plan the annual Franklin Memorial Day Parade. The following information below will help you to inform your group, friends, families and visitors as to how to prepare for the parade. Many items will change this year, including our starting and drop off locations so please take note.

Participant Drop Off

Drop off will be done on Dean Avenue.

If your group is participating in this years parade please drop them off on Dean Avenue. DO NOT HAVE ANYONE IN YOUR GROUP STOP ON MAIN STREET FOR DROP OFF. This is very dangerous and the last few years we have had some close calls with children almost getting hit. This includes scouting troops and bands.

Parade Route:

The 2018 Parade route will begin at the Depot Street and Dean Bank and proceed up Main St (towards Church St.), take a left onto School, to a Right on W Central Street, then a Right on Beaver St until we reach the Town Common / Church Square. The parade will once again stop at the Dean Memorial, Union St and St Mary's Cemetery's. Please see the attached update Parade Route Sheet.

Parade Information:

Date: Monday, May 28, 2018

10:00 am: Muster: Group leaders must check in at the Dean Bank Parking Lot
10:30 am: Parade Starts
12:00 pm: Ceremony at the Franklin Town Common

What We Need From You:

Reply to this email with your Troop, Group, Band information, contact person and estimated amount of participants in your group. ALL participants must reply by May 15th
Forward this information to anyone who may need it in your Group, Troop, Band, or Organization to the email Matt@RealLivingRealtyGroup.com with any questions.

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Fax: (508) 590-0278

WWI Doughboy on the Town Common
WWI Doughboy on the Town Common when trees are in full bloom

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