Saturday, May 12, 2018

“I’ve definitely seen the cultural life of the town increasing”

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"If Franklin was a cathedral of the arts, it would look something like Barcelona’s Basilica Sagrada Familia - a construction begun many years ago, with details added on over time to create a soaring temple of many facets, as yet unfinished. 
Among its cornerstones would be the Franklin School for the Performing Arts (FSPA) and its production company, the Franklin Performing Arts Company (FPAC); Franklin LiveArts, the Dean College School of the Arts, the Patti Eisenhauer Dance Center (PEDC), the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse and the Franklin Art Association - each a juggernaut of the arts on its own. And among its buttresses would be Encore Music Academy and Recording Studios, the Lifelong Learning Institute, The Drummers’ Studio and Franklin Public Schools.
Together, they are making Franklin into a hub of arts and culture in the region.
Besides turning out new generations of rising artists and performers, they are drawing renowned artists to the town’s venues: FPAC’s BLACK BOX, Dean’s Main Stage Theater and Guidrey Center, and the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse at the Universalist Church of Franklin among them. 
“There does seem to have been kind of a steady rise in interest in the arts here,” said Stacey David, chairman of the Franklin Cultural Council."

There is a Cultural Council

There is the newly formed Cultural District Committee

The Community Calendar has been operational for a couple of years

“I’ve definitely seen the cultural life of the town increasing”
“I’ve definitely seen the cultural life of the town increasing”

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