Friday, June 15, 2018

Next Steps to clean up BJAT, LLC on Fisher St

From the US EPA:

Site Description:
The BJAT, LLC (BJAT) Site located at 300 Fisher Street in Franklin, MA was historically used for industrial operations including the manufacture of rubber and plastic products. The property has not been active since 1985. Investigations have found contaminants in soil, groundwater, sediment, and surface water. The Site was added to the National Priorities List (NPL), often referred to as the EPA Superfund list, in September 2015, making it eligible for long-term cleanup action under the federal Superfund program.

Next Steps:
In June, with oversight from EPA’s On-Scene Coordinator (OSC), BJAT is expected to begin a Removal Action which will address hazardous substances present in soil and drum waste for the purpose of reducing risk to human health and the environment. Concurrently, EPA’s Remedial Project Manager will begin a study known as a Remedial Investigation (RI). The RI will identify the nature and extent of Site contamination and the potential human health and environmental risks that the Site may pose. 

The results of this study will be used to develop a Feasibility Study (FS) which will identify what long-term cleanup measures may be appropriate to address human health and ecological risk at the Site. The RI/FS is expected to be completed in three or more years and the findings of the RI will be presented in the Proposed Plan for cleanup. In addition, EPA will determine if any additional immediate response actions need to be conducted to address any imminent hazards that are identified by sample collection efforts.

The short-term work that will be conducted during the Removal Action includes: excavation, sampling, staging and covering of drums and other containers, waste and approximately 2,114 tons of contaminated soil; treatment of excavated soil on-site if appropriate; excavation of a limited number of test pits; air monitoring; and off-site shipment of waste, excavated soil, and other contaminated items that may be encountered for disposal, treatment, re-use or recycling.

BJAT will generally work during daylight hours. The Removal Action is expected to take 3 to 6 months. Throughout the work day, BJAT will be monitoring air at the Site for the safety of site workers and the surrounding community. One may expect to see heavy equipment, workers in white suits, and trucks occasionally which may have a slight effect on traffic. Vehicle and truck traffic to and from the site will be limited to Fisher Street and the primary road, West Central Street (i.e., Route 140). Some hazardous materials will be secured on site temporarily while awaiting shipment offsite to an EPA-approved facility.

You can download the full copy from the Town of Franklin page

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